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For genuine landscape photography lovers and enthusiasts, for those who admire breathtaking mountains, indomitable nature, traditional architecture, study the rich history of a place and appreciate its unique tastes, breathtaking Meteora rocks, Zagori villages (Zagorochoria), Ioannina and Aoos Lake in one unprecedented travel experience in Epirus highlands…


In this unique landscape photographic expedition, we will explore the most famous and most beautiful villages of Zagori (also known as Zagorochoria), a region of exceptional beauty located in the northwest of the country that hides inexhaustible travel treasures. Landscape photography, Nature photography, Architectural photography, Night Shotsand many other interesting technical and photographic secrets will ideally be combined with visits to villages such as Papigo, Monodendri and Dilofo. We will stand in awe in front of the deepest gorge of the world, Vikos Gorge, we will capture the breathtaking beauty of Mount Tymphi, walk alongside two of the finest rivers of the Balkans, Aoos and Voidomatis, and we will photograph, day and night, some of the most beautiful old stone bridges in Greece.


Exactly because there are no easy words to describe the greatness of the Meteora rocks and the monasteries that have been built on the verge of these amazing geological formations, PhotoVoyagers always prefer to photograph this incredible setting, as part of the all-inclusive landscape photography workshop that we do in the central and the most mountainous part of the country. Knowing each ideal spot for photographingat every moment of the day, the acquaintance with these huge rocks and monasteries will acquire a completely new and interesting meaning. Aoos lake and the whole region around it is the ideal photographic “playground” for the demanding landscape photographerand we sure know all the best spots to shoot. Furthermore, the town of Ioannina with the beautiful lake and the small traditional village on the only inhabited lake island in the country, offer superb opportunities for landscape and travel photographers from every skill level.


All of this, combined with carefully planned portfolio reviews, analysis of all kinds of landscape and travel techniques for amateur and advanced photographers, together with excellent local food and delicacies that you will remember for years.


Workshop Tour Program


Day 1


We are going to use Ioannina as our base for the whole expedition so we will be picking you up from the local airport. The rest of the first day is going to be dedicated to get to know each other better, go through all of your equipment and probably set up some menus or answer questions about different functions on your cameras. We will also discuss about the landscape, travel, natural light, composition and various other techniques that we will mostly use during the trip and maybe begin to establish the needs and “wants” of every photographer individually.

Day 2

Central Zagori

The adventure begins, early in the morning as usual, with some extraordinary landscape photography in Central Zagori where we will find the Vikos Gorge (deepest in the world), traditional villages like Monodendri and Dilofo and of course some of the oldest and most beautiful stone bridges in the country. It will be our first great chance to go through everybody’s skill level and techniques on location and specify the photographic directions that we may want to take for the rest of the trip.

Day 3

Aoos Lake and the surrounding area

It is time for the Greek “Highlands” and some really serious landscape photography at Aoos lake and the surrounding area. We are going to use many different techniques and focus on our composition skills, always trying to make good use of the best possible natural light available. The traditional Metsovo, nearby, is going to be the place for some amazing and, original as it gets, Greek cuisine along with some fine wine testing and a little bit of traditional architectural Photography as usual.

Day 4

West Zagori

We start with a very early morning head start and visit the magnificent area of West Zagori where the phenomenal mountain Tymphi awaits to be photographed. Prior to that, we are going to take some great shots of the crystal clear waters of Voidomatis river and probably continue our acquaintance with the marvelous Greek cuisine in the beautiful villages of Papigo, small Papigo and Vikos. We are going to do some amazing landscape from the great opening of the Vikos Gorge and actually spend the whole day photographing in awe...

Day 5


The fifth day is dedicated to Ioannina, the beautiful lake and the small island with the traditional village. Lots of landscape photography and some really breathtaking panoramic shots of the lake from the mountain Mitsikelli. We will walk next to the old buildings in the old city of Ioannina, do lots of architectural and archaeological photography, shoot various angles of the castle and the Ottoman mosques and generally have a full and productive photographic day.

Day 6


Yes, the time has come to photograph Meteora! This tour is going to be a full day up on the rocks and the monasteries of the region, with tons of landscape photography, panoramic views, playing with natural light and composition and of course work with all available focal lengths, from wide angle lenses to big telephoto ones. A unique photographic experience of a lifetime and we really need to say no more about that, since you will experience it for yourselves!

Day 7

Mountain Tympfi

As a little extra for this tour, we are going to head even further up north to Konitsa, in order to mainly photograph its stone bridges and beautiful rivers, right in the northwestern backside of mountain Tympfi, use lots of slow shutter speeds as usual and enjoy our final day in Epirus. Furthermore, we will begin with our portfolio reviews where we will go through all of the material from this trip.

Day 8


This is the day of departure from the local airport but besides that we will continue with our portfolio review, in the morning, especially in case we need to further expand our experience from this whole journey. Please also keep in mind that “PhotoVoyagers” are always there to give you advice and guidance, even if time has already passed from your participation in a tour. We make friends, fellow travelers and better photographers along the way… 

Professional photographers / instructors and guides, 24/7
From the very beginning, from the very first step of our amazing journey together, a professional photographer with more than twenty years of experience and an excellent knowledge of each route, will always be there for you whenever you need help on something of photographic nature or anything else. We will guide you to the right places at the right time of day; we will analyze photographic techniques in a simple and understandable manner and will carefully examine your images and portfolios, commenting well – disposed about anything that may have gone right or wrong during the shooting of each tour. We will help you get in touch with the locals, explaining even the slightest aspect of the trip but, above all, we will be your travel companions and friends…

We offer two options for accommodation in double or single occupancy (supplement applies) hotel rooms, apartments or traditional guesthouses.

Whether we drive on the road or travel by ship, from the very start of each tour (Pick you up from the airport or your hotel) until the last moment before we say “goodbye”, all costs, organization parameters, any details and any possible other expenses, are covered exclusively by us. You just sit back and enjoy the ride, taking pictures or simply loving the acquaintance with a new exotic place.

Other expenses (covered by us)
Anything else related to the scheduled visits and itineraries of each trip, including tickets for entry to archaeological sites, museums and private collections, as well as the possible use of special means of transport whether this may be required, are of course covered exclusively by us.

Any Flights and associated costs to arrival airport and return flights from our departure point. Private insurances, taxes, duty and visa fees. Meals not included (except breakfast or early breakfast pack to take out with us whenever this is included), nor any personal items including (alcoholic) beverages, snacks, souvenirs and travel insurance or stuff fro hotels’ minibars etc.

  • Pricing Name
    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name Double occupancy
    Start Monday 01/11/2021
    End Monday 08/11/2021
    1 - 6 Pax
    Available Seats: 6

    Adult ( 1 - 6 Pax ) 3,190.00 2,890.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name Single occupancy
    Start Monday 01/11/2021
    End Monday 08/11/2021
    1 - 6 Pax
    Available Seats: 6

    Adult ( 1 - 6 Pax ) 3,490.00 3,190.00 /Person

    - +

First of all, lots of love and enthusiasm for Photography, Travelling and Nature. You will be not spending your time in a boring classroom but in all sorts of relaxed, fun and educative places and situations. We will not be trying to impress you with boring scientific photographic terminologies but truly enhance your photo and travel experience.

Of course we can! Just fill up the form in the Contact us page and we'll find a way to work it out!

They can be very similar because on both occasions you will be taken to amazing places, having expert photo guidance each and every moment you desire. All levels of photographic skills are welcome on both, photo tours and workshops alike. One main difference is that during a workshop, special emphasis is given on learning new things and new techniques. Photo tours can also be like this, but in a much more relaxed and holiday oriented way. To put it simple, with a little less work…

Our instructors, right upon registering, will contact you via e-mail. You will also receive a short questionnaire and a multiple-choice test in order to help us establish your photographic skill level as well as your photographic needs and wants. This will greatly help us to prepare the right course and the ideal materials for the best possible individual teaching and counseling.

You can be rest assured that we will be covering all the basics, whether it has to do with Photography or perhaps a better knowledge of your recently purchased gear. Everybody has to start from somewhere and even if there are no other participants in the very same beginner’s level as you (a very rare occasion that is), we guarantee that there will be absolutely no single moment that you will be feeling “amateur” among “professionals”.

If you can carry it, it’s fine with us. Whatever you can bring on the plane. We expect people with large suitcases, big and full camera bags, tripods and lots of extras. In any case, you can always send us an email and we will advise you about everything concerning our ways and means of transport.

Of course there is! You can read our Terms & Conditions here, as well as before purchasing any of our workshop tours.

Greece is part of the “Schengen Agreement” which translates as a complete freedom of movement between all European countries. So, European citizens do not need a visa. US, Australian and Canadian citizens can visit our country for 90 days, without a visa but with a valid passport. Travelers from other parts of the planet are most welcome but will probably need a visa. For more information about Visa-free requirements please visit this link:  https://www.mfa.gr/en/visas/visas-for-foreigners-traveling-to-greece/countries-requiring-or-not-requiring-visa.html

Some people do not need a visa to visit Norway because they hold a passport from a country that Norway has a visa exemption agreement with. This also applies if you have a residence permit in an EU/EEA country or if you have a special passport. For more information about Visa-free requirements please visit this link: https://www.udi.no/en/word-definitions/persons-who-do-not-need-a-visa-to-visit-norway-/

Well, yes and no. We do encourage people to use cameras with interchangeable lenses -mirrorless or DSLRs, a wide and a telephoto lens, a light tripod, extra memory cards and a laptop-, but this is not obligatory. In fact, there are some pretty amazing compact cameras out there, with one – inch sensors or less, that can deliver excellent results. At the end of the day, it is the image that counts and not the pixels. We always focus on the photographer’s skills first, and then on his equipment.

Our Photo Tours are organized in such a way that everyone can have fun, relax and enjoy the sightseeing and the local cuisine, always in good company. Each friend or family member will have to pay for his/her seat as all of the rest photographers – participants but there is a -10% discount of the workshops price (Applied to multi-day photography workshops only, Not for for the 1-2 Day Photo tours.  And one last thing. Please don’t forget to advise him / her to bring a camera as well. There is absolutely no chance he or she will not want to give it a go as well!

Of course there is! You can read our Policy about Refunds and Cancellations on our  Terms & Conditions here, as well as before purchasing any of our workshop tours.

Yes, everything is conducted in plain and simple English (although you are most welcome to learn a few basic Greek phrases if you wish to). Even if you are not a native English speaker, as long as you can read and understand the contents of this website, you will be more than able to join us in one of our incredible photo – adventures.