Photography, for me, is inseparably linked to travel and exploration.
In a deeper interpretation, it is the medium I use to show others how I experience the
beauty of this world. I really enjoy looking for and creating memorable pictures.

It feels good. It feels right!


Hello, I'm Philip

I’m Philip Gavrilos and I have been photographing for almost two decades now, specializing in Travel, Landscape and Astro Photography. I studied History of Art at FIT of Cyprus and I have specialized in Photography & Graphics design. I like to travel a lot and I’m a fanatic user or mirrorless cameras and drones. I’m also the co-founder of PhotoVoyagers a company that’s specialized in Photography Workshops Expeditions. Since 2015 I am a contributing photographer & author at PhotoNET Magazine EISA. At 2019 I won the National EISA MAESTRO Photography Contest


Here I present a small collection, a tiny but a representative number of my photography work that I have published from time to time. Enjoy!

with Philip and PhotoVoyagers!

Photography Workshop Expeditions

For genuine Landscape Photography lovers and nature enthusiasts, for those who admire breathtaking mountains, indomitable landscape nature, unique alpine lakes and many more…
These are some of my available Workshop Expeditions with my PhotoVoyagers team!
Come to join us!

Epirus Highlands & Meteora
1-8 November 2018

For genuine landscape photography lovers and nature enthusiasts, for those who admire breathtaking mountains, indomitable nature, traditional architecture, study the rich history of a place and appreciate its unique tastes, breathtaking Meteora rocks, Zagoria villages (Zagorochoria) in one unprecedented travel experience…

Milky Way Chasers 2019
1-3 July 2019 (FULL)

Experience a unique astro-photographic trip in space and time, discovering an impressive hidden corner of Greece (lake Doxa and it’s beautiful surroundings) and learn useful techniques for finding and shooting the Milky Way and Astrophotography. Come to join me as we admire the milky way in our new amazing workshop with PhotoVoyagers

‘Cycladic Light’ of Santorini
17-20 June 2019 (FULL)

Many things have been said about Santorini, its unique view and its sunset that overshadows the beauty of many other equally beautiful corners of the world. In this workshop, we will enjoy breathtaking sights, photograph the unique white and blue colours of the Aegean sea and we will stand in awe in front of the greatness of volcanic Nature and the Greek islands architecture…

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My Latest Posts

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